High 5 Wellness Challenge Completion

Western Wisconsin Health is excited to announce the completion of the first wellness challenge, ‘High 5 Wellness Challenge’, in the ‘4 Challenges – 4 Weeks – 4 You!’ program. This new wellness challenge program presents four quarterly wellness challenges focusing on multiple aspects of health and well-being. Each Challenge is four weeks at length for anyone in the community, ages 18 and older.

The ‘High 5’ Wellness Challenge ran from September 12 through October 9, 2016. Participants were encouraged to track their food, and specifically their fruit and vegetable intake. The American Heart Association recommends filling at least half your plate with fruits and veggies in order to consume the recommended 5 servings of each per day! See the prize categories and winners below!

Participation Drawing of individuals who consumed & tracked 140+ fruits and vegetables total throughout the challenge (2 Winners): Premium Prize Pack ($50 BWell Bucks, Crockpot & 1 Freezer Meal Class Entry)

WINNERS: Bethaney Bowman AND Angie Branum 

Participation Drawing of Completion (1 Winner): $40 BWell Bucks

WINNER: Jean Dobson

Comments from the participants:

Bethaney had joined the challenge for further motivation and promotion of healthy living in her own family. Bethaney states, “I actually had my 3rd child in the middle of the challenge- the week my servings were less. So, I wanted to get back in shape and I thought this challenge would be great to jump start adding more fruits and veggies in our meals.” She stated her family started incorporating more fruits and veggies as the main ingredient in their entrees, as well!

Angie’s motivation came from knowing she was doing something healthy for her body, and seeing weight loss throughout the challenge. Angie states, “I also felt so much better, and have not been sick at all in the last few months, thanks to a healthier diet!” She continues to buy lots of fruits and vegetables, and pack them in her lunch! “I have started having Cuties oranges for a bedtime snack. They are so sweet, and I feel better the next morning, compared to when I would eat something unhealthy and sweet!”.

Jean was motivated by the challenge to eat more balanced meals. She felt if she started her day with fruits and vegetables in the morning, she was more motivated throughout the day. Jean also stated she was eating more fruits and vegetables during and after the challenge, than before! Way to go Jean!