At Western Wisconsin Health, our Pain Management services are provided by Dr. Alfonso Morales, a Pain Management Physician, from Central Medical Pain Clinic. Dr. Morales is an experiences physician that works with patients to maintain and improve their health and deal with the daily struggles of chronic pain, in all stages of life. He provides comprehensive health care services and education to help you achieve the best physical and mental state possible. Dr. Morales specializes in Pain Management due to chronic pain, degenerative disease, osteoarthritis, weight management, sports injuries, personal injuries and work place injuries.

Pain Management Services include:

  • Chronic Disease & Pain Management
  • Age & Wellness Management
  • Immigration & Health Services
  • Addiction & Opioid Dependency
  • Personal Injury & Work Comp
  • Resources & Support Services

Click here to learn more about Central Medical Pain Clinic’s Pain Management Services.

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