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Stress Less Challenge Recap

Western Wisconsin Health is excited to announce the completion of the ‘Stress Less Wellness Challenge’, in the ‘4 Challenges – 4 Weeks – 4 You!’ program. This wellness challenge program presents four quarterly wellness challenges focusing on multiple aspects of health and well-being. Each online challenge is four weeks at length for anyone in the community, ages 18 and older.

The ‘Stress Less’ Wellness Challenge ran from November 7 – December 4, 2016. This wellness challenge focuses on stress management techniques and the importance of getting adequate sleep. Participants tracked their healthy habits and stress management techniques throughout the four week challenge. All participants who completed the challenge were submitted into a drawing to win!
Below states the following prize categories and winners!

2 Winners – Participation Drawing of Completion:

Emily Berg & Kathy Birkel

Winners chose one of the following prizes:

  • 3 Month Adult Fitness Center Membership
  • Integrative Health Services Gift Certificate ($75 value)
  • Western Wisconsin Health Shop Gift Certificate ($75 value)

Comments from the participants:
Emily joined the challenge to ease the stressful moments of being a new mom. “This challenge was a great reminder for me to take a break and have a little me time (to relieve stress)”. She found that working out, reading, cleaning and shopping were great stress management techniques throughout the wellness challenge. Great work Emily!

Kathy appreciated the challenge as it motivated her to continue her healthy habits and stress management techniques. The techniques she used assisted her in her day-to-day life. She felt the healthy habits were necessary and helpful to have these ‘tools’ in her ‘toolbox’. Awesome, Kathy!

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Miles in Motion (Online Health Challenge)
Health Challenge Dates:
 January 16 – February 12, 2017
Description: Continue your healthy habits and New Year’s resolutions by tracking your activity! The goal of this wellness challenge is to accumulate miles of physical activity per day (ANY activity – walk, bike, run, etc.). Learn different ways to mix up your routine, track your activity and win!
Cost: $10
Prizes: Earn the chance to win up to $75 OR a Fitness Membership!
Register: Go to or contact Alexis Warzon at for more details or to register.

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