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The Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) is a computerized Internet database application that was developed to record and track immunization dates of Wisconsin’s children and adults, providing assistance for keeping everyone on track for his or her recommended immunizations. Statewide release occurred in May 2000. All demographic information for births occurring in Wisconsin were back loaded to January 1995 and continue to be downloaded on a weekly basis.

By keeping a record of the immunizations given, health care providers, parents and legal guardians know if and when a child had been given a vaccine. This helps with keeping children up-to-date on all needed vaccines.

Public Immunization Record Access gives people the ability to look up immunization records in the Wisconsin Immunization Registry. If you want to use this feature, you must perform a search for the record using first name, last name, date of birth, and one of either social security number or Medicaid ID.

The system looks for a record that matches all the data you have entered. It will display a list of immunizations the person has received. The system will also list the vaccines the person currently needs.

It is possible that the system will be unable to find the record you are looking for. Please check the spelling and format of the data you have entered for each field.

If you are still having trouble, it may be because the social security number or Medicaid ID for the person has not been stored in the registry. Please contact your health care provider at the clinic or heath care facility that you go to for immunizations.

To access the Wisconsin Immunization Registry click here.

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If you have questions about the Wisconsin Immunization Registry, speak to your health care provider or you may visit: or

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