Hospice home care is for patients and their families facing terminal illness and for whom curative care is no longer beneficial. Hospice care focuses on achieving the greatest comfort and the highest quality of living that the patient’s health and circumstances allow.

The patient and family, together with direction from the patient’s physician, create an individual care plan. According to the patient’s needs and wishes, hospice care provides advanced symptom management, as well as emotional and spiritual support. A dedicated community of trained and experienced volunteers is available for assistance with everyday needs such as preparing meals, running errands or simply providing companionship. Through compassionate hospice care, we affirm life and accept dying as a normal process.

For more information, contact our care partner ADORAY Home Health & Hospice at 715-629-1888 or toll-free 1-800-359-0174 or visit http://www.adoray.org/.

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