A certified Health & Wellness Coach will work with you to create a plan for addressing health concerns such as life stress, hypertension, high blood glucose, and healthy weight. Many of these issues can nag us for decades without resolution – even when we know what we should do. Making lasting lifestyle changes is challenging for everyone! With the support of a Health and Wellness Coach, making small changes can be motivating and satisfying. At Western Wisconsin Health, all providers have the goal of improved wellness for their patients.

Anyone can schedule an appointment at 715-684-1280 or be referred by a medical provider. The first 30 minute consultation, virtual or in-person, is complimentary. Subsequent visits are a cash-based service, in 3 or 6-visit packages:

  • Introductory Consultation (30 minutes) is complimentary.
  • 3-Visit Package ($150). Virtual or in-person appointments available.
  • 6-Visit Package ($250). Virtual or in-person appointments available.

Payment is due at Initial Session for in-person visits, or prior to first virtual appointment.

To schedule an appointment, call 715-684-1280 or ask your healthcare provider during your next visit if the program is appropriate for you.

To contact Lynn Huiskamp, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, directly, please call 715-684-1280 or email lynn.huiskamp@www.wwhealth.org.

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Q. Is a Wellness Coach like a therapist?

A. No. A Wellness Coach will not add or change medications or analyze past emotional trauma. The Wellness Coach will collaborate with the client to discover how to find success in making healthy and lasting lifestyle changes. It amazes patients what we can find! The empowering aspect of working with a Wellness Coach is that the client takes a very active and lasting role in improving their own health.

Q. Is a referral from my medical provider necessary?

A. No. Appointments with a Wellness Coach can be scheduled as a referral from your provider or scheduled directly on your own by calling 715-684-1280.

Q. How is a Wellness coaching session structured?

A. During a wellness coaching session, a client’s health numbers (cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure) may be reviewed. A large portion of the session is discovery, with the client openly discussing what parts of their life hold special value for them, and what skills they can tap to move their health in the right direction. Then the coach and client collaborate to set goals the client will be successful in reaching. When the client takes ownership of improving their own health and wellness, the whole family of providers celebrates!


  • Lynn Huiskamp, CHWC

    Health Program Specialist, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

    Simple Health

    Western Wisconsin Health Main Campus

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