The Social Services Department is responsible for assisting all patients and families of Western Wisconsin Health in receiving necessary services and support so that they may successfully manage their healthcare needs. This is accomplished through the completion of psychosocial assessments, intervention, and support, as well as the appropriate utilization of agency and community resources to ensure quality care. Other responsibilities include Advance Care Planning, financial resources and referrals, and crisis support.

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Advance care planning is the process of making decisions regarding the medical care you would want to receive in the situation that you are unable to verbalize or communicate these wishes for yourself. At Western Wisconsin Health, advance care planning is fostered through the Honoring Choices initiative. Honoring Choices provides information and documentation that encourages you to discuss  your wishes with your loved ones, and then formulate medical decisions based upon your personal values and preferences.

With advance directives there are two primary documents that are utilized. The first is the Power of Attorney  for Health Care. This document allows for you to designate up to three individuals as your health care agent. If a person is deemed incapacitated or unable to make their own medical decisions, the designated agent will take on this responsibility. The second document is the Living Will or Declaration to Physicians. With this form an individual is able to state their preferences toward end of life measures such as CPR, utilization of feeding tubes, and life-support. Unlike the Power of Attorney for Health Care, the Living Will does not allow for the designation of agents or decision-makers. Honoring Choices has created an Advance Directive that includes both a Power of Attorney for Health Care and a Living Will. At Western Wisconsin Health, our Social Services department is trained to facilitate advance care planning conversations and assist you in completing your advance directive.

Social Services staff at Western Wisconsin Health can provide you with an Honoring Choices packet at your request.  All advance care planning documents and information is included within this packet. You are able to access this information by clicking the link below as well. In addition, Social Services is available by appointment to help you with completing your advance directives or to further assist in your planning. To schedule an appointment or for more information contact the Social Services department at (715) 684-1111 or dial “1521” from a medical center telephone.

Advance Directive