Therapeutic Pool

Western Wisconsin Health’s warm water pool offers a unique exercise opportunity for area residents.

Water’s healing properties improve muscle strength, endurance and flexibility with minimal impact on joints. Exercising in the pool improves balance, coordination and cardio respiratory fitness while decreasing pain and stiffness.

Therapeutic Pool

A Healthier You Is Just A Quick Dip Away

We require appointments ahead of time for open swim that can be scheduled up to one week in advance.

For appointments, please call the fitness center front desk during staffed hours at (715) 684-1642.

Pool Specifications:

  • 90 Degree water temperature
  • 3’6″ to 5’6″ pool depth
  • Staff operated chair lift available
  • Assisted changing room
  • Two propulsion jets for resisted swimming and water running
  • Cushioned pool floor
  • Supervised by certified, experienced staff

The health and safety of pool members is our top priority.  Please consider the following.

  • If you are experiencing any upper respiratory symptoms, please refrain from using the pool and get tested as soon as possible.  We will continue to practice a minimum of 6 feet of physical distancing in the pool.
  • State law requires all swimmers to shower before entering the pool.  Parasites like Cryptosporidium are found in traces of human stool and are resistant to chlorine treatments and water filtration systems.  For this reason, please refrain from using the pool for two weeks after experiencing diarrhea.
  • Street shoes can track in dirt and germs and are prohibited in the pool area.  Swimming shoes are allowed.
  • Pool use is prohibited if you have open wounds or are experiencing a rash or weeping skin.
  • If you have other questions or concerns about your ability to safely use the pool, please ask a member of our aquatics staff.
  • We may arrange for you to have a screening with a member of our rehabilitation services staff to determine how to best use the pool in a safe manner.  Screenings are offered free of charge.

Therapeutic Pool memberships are $35 a month for anyone under the age of 65. Age 65 and above is free.
If you are a Fitness Center member and would like to add on a pool membership the pool membership fee is $20 per month.

New members will need to purchase an access card for $20. Existing members will be able to use their current card (cards must be reactivated before use).

In order to best utilize the therapeutic pool, we will be limiting the number of swimmers using the facility at one time.

8 week Course, December 9th – February 3rd

Western Wisconsin Health offers swimming lessons for toddler and preschool beginners. Lessons are available Saturday mornings.

Course Offerings:

Tots +: This class is for a parent/guardian and child between 6 months and 3 years old. This session is an opportunity for children to be introduced to water and making positive experiences with it through playing games and singing songs with their parent/guardian. In order to move to level 1, children need to be able to listen well to instruction and must be at least 3 years old. Saturdays 8:00 – 8:30am.

Level 1: Swimmers will learn how to safely enter and exit the water, submerge their face and blow bubbles, practice floats and glides with instructor support and will be introduced to basic swimming skills. Goggles will not be used. For many students this will be the first time they will be swimming without a parent in the water. Typical age of swimmers for this class are 3 to 5 years old. Saturdays 8:30 – 9:00am.

Level 2: Swimmers confident with the skills covered in Level 1 will learn to independently float and glide. This course incorporates swimming with arm and leg action with instructor assistance and goggles. Typical age of swimmers for this class are 5+. Saturdays 9:00 – 9:30am.

Level 3: Swimmers in this class may require assistance in rolling from front to back and will learn how to perform multiple swim strokes with very little assistance while building up their endurance. Typical age of swimmers for this class are 6+. Saturdays 9:30 – 10:00am.

Level 4: Swimmers in this level are building up their endurance and have the skills to swim independently with verbal instruction only. They should feel confident in all the skills in levels 1-3. Typical age of swimmers for this class are 8+. Saturdays 10:00 – 10:30am.

No lessons on Saturday, December 23rd. 


$60.00 (8 sessions) cash, check, or credit cards are accepted. MUST register in-person at the Fitness Center to participate. Payment is due upon registration.

No discount for siblings/multiple kids.

For more information, please call 715-684-1642. 

Prenatal Aquatics is currently on hold.

Prenatal aquatics may allow women to exercise throughout pregnancy while enjoying the added benefits of a warm water, therapeutic pool environment.  We will work with you to develop an exercise routine that combines gentle stretching, range of motion, aerobic exercise and strength training tailored to the needs of expectant mothers.  Aquatic exercise may be useful to mothers in any stage of pregnancy and can be equally beneficial for postpartum mothers.

The therapeutic pool at Western Wisconsin Health is heated to 90 degrees with the surrounding air temperature around 88 degrees for optimal levels of comfort.  The depth of the pool is 3’6″, increasing to 5’6″.  Showers and towels are available.

Benefits of prenatal aquatic exercise

Continuing to exercise throughout pregnancy will help maintain cardiovascular fitness, combat fatigue and aid in adapting to the continual changes that occur during the months of pregnancy and beyond. It can also assist with relaxation/stress management.

An aquatic environment is an excellent place for expectant mothers to exercise for a variety of reasons:

• The pressure of the water can help decrease edema.

• The buoyancy of water decreases the effects of gravity.

• This provides relief from the pressure/ pain experienced throughout pregnancy, particularly in the lower back.

• It allows the opportunity for exercise without the higher impact which needs to be avoided, especially towards the end of pregnancy.

• Certain positions such as lying on your back should be avoided or can cause discomfort, but being in the water allows the mom-to-be a little more freedom in her exercise routine. Relieving this discomfort on a regular basis can help to keep pain under control and prevent muscles from becoming progressively tighter.

Prenatal Aquatics Participation Waiver must be completed by your medical provider prior to participation. 

Click here for a printable version of the waiver.

These classes are currently on HOLD. Please stay tuned for more details on class offering dates and times.

The therapeutic pool has many features to make working out easy.

  • A private assisted changing room is available for those in need of dressing assistance with a caregiver such as those with special needs and families with young children.
  • The staff operated chair lift assists those who are unable to use the stairs to get in and out of the water.
  • A depth of 5’6″ allows more participants to achieve full non-weight bearing status.
  • Two propulsion jets can be used for resisted swimming and water running.
  • The pool floor is cushioned, decreasing impact on joints.

Other Amenities
(Provided at no extra charge)


We provide lockers for all our members. Because the number of lockers are limited, they are available on a per visit basis only.


Showers are provided to all members.

Towel Services

You don’t have to carry that wet towel around in your gym bag. Towels are available to members of the pool and fitness center.