About Us

Meet Western Wisconsin Health – your destination for every healthcare need.

Who we are

Meet Western Wisconsin Health

Proper healthcare is about people and technology. It’s about combining a fundamental sense of community with an attention to modern advancement to create the most welcoming and effective result for patients. It’s this connection that has made Western Wisconsin Health the premier provider of healthcare in the region –and why you’re only a few miles away from better care.

Our state-of-the-art facility is designed using sustainable materials and practices with amenities that support holistic health and healing for our patients, clients, and guests. We place an extraordinary focus on each individual’s healing experience, and reflect this in every aspect of our facility and care.

What we offer

Comprehensive Health and Wellness Services

We offer comprehensive health and wellness services that include preventive care, behavioral health, primary care, emergency care, advanced surgical procedures, integrative health, orthopedic services, rehabilitation services, women’s health, and treatment for a broad range of medical conditions.

We understand the importance of health and wellness in your life, and we’re here to support your goals. Come explore our world-class facility to find programs and services focused on creating a healthier you. Every staff member, from providers to those at the desk, is committed to the health and wellness of everyone in our community. We believe that together we can build healthier tomorrow for all.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our mission as it pertains to the development of our facility and campus is to create a model of sustainable living.

Our Leadership

Western Wisconsin Health’s leadership is focused on leading the organization in fulfilling our mission, achieving our vision, and living our values. The team is accountable for establishing and advancing strategies that ensure the current and future success of our patients and our community.