At Western Wisconsin Health, Urology services are provided by Dr. Mikhail Regelman, Urologist from Minnesota Urology.

They specialize in erectile dysfunction, urologic oncology, and general urology.

Treatments Offered:

  • Shockwave Lithotripsy
  • Cystoscopy with Holmium Laser for bladder stones
  • Cystoscopies
  • Adult Circumcision
  • Vasectomies
  • Orchiectomies
  • Prostatectomy
  • Cystectomy
  • Nephrectomy
  • Transurethral resection of bladder tumor
  • Ureteroscopies with holmium laser lithotripsies
  • Ureteral stent placement
  • Urolyft (potentially)
  • Prostate biopsies
  • Bladder biopsies
  • Penile biopsies
  • Penile fracture repair
  • Orchiopexy
  • Urethral dilation
  • Penile plication
  • Testopel
  • Xiaflex

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