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The key ways a Health & Wellness Coach can improve your life

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Health and wellness are two of the most important aspects of leading a happy life. They affect so many different areas – many of which you might not even consider – concerning both your mental and physical wellbeing.

But while the benefits are great, it can often be difficult to find the time and effort to devote to a healthy lifestyle. Here’s a closer look at the key ways working with a Health & Wellness Coach can do just that and provide you with a long-term plan toward happiness.

Making health and wellness a priority

As busy as you are in your day-to-day life, it can seem impossible to determine and implement practices that foster consistent and beneficial health and wellness. We have so much to think about, and it can be easy to prioritize other things.

In reality, it shouldn’t be that easy. Health and wellness should hold a paramount position in your lifestyle as they ultimately impact so many other areas. When you lead a healthy lifestyle, you:

  • Feel better
  • Are more mentally alert
  • Are happier
  • Are more physically fit
  • Are more fulfilled and motivated
  • Are more energetic

A Health & Wellness Coach can help realize and implement better habits in your daily life.

Working with a Health & Wellness Coach

A Health & Wellness Coach addresses a wide variety of concerns, from stress and hypertension to high blood glucose and healthy weight. A coach can take much of the burden of combating these concerns off your shoulders by:

  • Formulating a plan that will work best with your lifestyle while helping achieve your goals
  • Helping you stick with your plan on a long-term basis
  • Motivating you to keep moving forward
  • Checking in to evaluate how you’re doing in relation to your goals and helping you make any adjustments as needed
  • Validating improvements and encouraging you to stick with it

We’re all busy, and we need a plan that will work with our schedule and with our lifestyle. Developing healthy habits and decision-making are key first steps in fostering lasting changes.

What a Health & Wellness Coach is not

A Health & Wellness Coach is not a therapist or dietitian. Your coach will not deal in medications or analyze past emotional trauma. While you may see an improvement of mindset and of fitness as a result, these are not the sole missions of your coach.

What a Health & Wellness Coach is

Instead, your coach works with you to determine the best way to find success in your health and wellness. In this relationship, you take an active and lasting role in improving your own health. During a wellness coaching session, you will:

  • Openly discuss all parts of your life that hold special value to you
  • Determine which skills you can tap into to improve your health
  • Collaborate with your coach to set goals you’ll be successful in reaching

Do I need a Health & Wellness Coach?

Not everyone feels they are in need of a Health & Wellness Coach. You might assume a coach is only for those who are depressed, out of shape, or a combination of both. This could not be further from the truth. A Health & Wellness Coach can provide a lasting mental and physical benefit to anyone who:

  • Wants to live a healthy life
  • Needs help staying motivated
  • Struggles maintaining a positive mindset
  • Wants to be more energetic
  • Has trouble balancing life and work

Simply put, a Health & Wellness Coach is ideal for anyone who wants to live a better life. A Mayo Clinic study found significant improvements in overall quality of life, depressive symptoms, and perceived stress levels as a result of wellness coaching.

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