WW Health Cancer Center Receives Donation

Most sixth graders during the summer are outside playing, inside gaming or busy with activities but when Aidan Fitts saw a commercial about cancer and the number of people affected by it, he decided to do something about it.  Aidan took it upon himself to sell cancer ribbons to friends and family, including his Greenfield Elementary friends, neighbors and extended family.  “I knew it was something important and that I could help,” stated Fitts.  All in all, he raised $200 and donated this generous offering to Baldwin’s Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin.*  Aidan’s donation will help our patients in so many ways from equipment to programming within the Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin.  Thanks to Aidan for a wonderful and kind act.  Western Wisconsin Health appreciates you so very much!

The Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin is a cooperative of six hospitals.  Western Wisconsin Health is one of those five locations offering chemotherapy for cancer patients as well as infusion therapy.  To learn more, visit https://www.wwhealth.org/service/cancer-care/.