Paul Boeder, MD, FACOG, OB/GYN

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Paul Boeder, MD, FACOG, OB/GYN


Dr. Paul Boeder attended medical school and residency in Milwaukee at the Medical College of Wisconsin, (MCW) and MCW Affiliated Hospitals Residency Program. Dr. Boeder takes a special interest in high-risk obstetrics, minimally-invasive surgery, pelvic support reconstructive surgery, urinary incontinence, infertility, and menopause. Dr. Boeder has 29 years experience in a variety of clinical settings, including high-risk referral centers and smaller communities.

Dr. Boeder enjoys wilderness canoeing and hiking, road cycling, basketball, music, volunteering, and spending time with family and grandchildren.

In my experience the best healthcare comes from a well-informed patient and family with an up-to-date, coordinated team.

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