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Community Health Needs Assessment & Implementation Plan 2020-2022 (CHNA)

As part of the Affordable Care Act, non-profit hospitals must complete a Community Needs Health Assessment (CHNA) every three years. Hospitals must collect input from the community, adopt a plan to address community needs, and then report on these activities. A CHNA for 2020-2022 has been developed with other area hospitals and public health departments and is now available. Click on the links below to review the Western Wisconsin Health CHNA and Implementation Plan. Learn more here.

In 2009, Western Wisconsin Health and St. Croix County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) – Public Health joined together to begin assessing and prioritizing health needs in the region. The St. Croix County Community Health Improvement Process, facilitated by both of these organizations, is a strategic, ongoing, community-based approach for creating and maintaining healthy communities. A steering committee of 25+ members representing diverse organizations and agencies from across the county provides oversight and guidance. Together, the committee regularly assesses the state of the county’s health.

Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan 2020-2022

Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan 2017-2019

Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan 2013-2016

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