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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our mission as it pertains to the development of our facility and campus is to create a model of sustainable living – a model that includes:

  • A physical and social environment that promotes, supports and inspires clients, visitors and staff members to live the healthiest life possible; an environment that makes the healthiest thing to do the easiest thing to do.
  • A physical structure and operating practices that sustain the ecological integrity and beauty of our environment.
  • A business model that makes our health and wellness services available to the people of our service area and beyond.

Specifically, we will:

  • Design and deliver programs that teach people how to optimize their health and wellbeing; programs that address the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of our clients. We will make as many programs as possible available to anyone interested at low / no cost.
  • Provide employees and visitors access to natural light and views whenever possible.
  • Provide employees and visitors with healthy food options. Eliminate unhealthy options (e.g. no soda, no deep fried foods).
  • Power our facility using renewable energy sources. (e.g. geothermal heating and cooling and solar power).
  • Protect the natural landscape by managing water on the site to prevent run-off (e.g. retention ponds) and planting landscape with natural prairie plants that do not require watering and support wildlife.
  • Reduce demand for natural resource utilization by optimizing use of natural light, utilizing low energy light fixtures, installing low flow toilets, etc.
  • Reduce exposure to toxic substances by constructing the facility with low VOC building materials, utilizing eco-friendly cleaning products and processes, and installing high quality air handling systems that circulate fresh air.
  • Purchase supplies from sources dedicated to sustainable practices, purchasing as close to our site as possible (e.g. purchasing food from local farms), minimizing waste.
  • Grow vegetables on site; teach community sustainable gardening practices.
  • Recycle all waste possible (e.g. food scraps to local farms, recyclable materials to local recycling, reuse materials whenever possible).
  • Educate staff on sustainable lifestyle practices.

The new healthcare campus provides a vision of sustainable living. Some of the sustainability features built into the new facility include:

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Natural Landscaping keyboard_arrow_down

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